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    Mango suede jacket (same here) - dress (same here & similar) | Adidas - trainers (same here) | Saint Laurent bag (same here) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

    Hi Superstars, long time no see! - Have you ever worn something too often that at a certain point you just get, let's say, kind off tired of it? Well, that exactly happened to my Adidas trainers and I store them away in my closet..

    Until last Tuesday when I was doing my major summer closet wipe out! I've been seeing a lot of cool street style lately that involved trainers and felt inspired to wear them again (get ready for a Stan Smith comeback too!). I love how they make a girly dress like this look so casual and easy-going, and let's not start about how comfortable they are..

    How would you like to wear them? :)

    Happy Friday!

    Get the look:

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    Literally check 'mates' and turtleneck takeovers.

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    Fall ready with turtlenecks and plaids.

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